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Welcome to Dial-a-Genie, ....

We are highly Personalized Concierge Company providing over 150+ services to corporations & Premium Residential Complexes. Dial-a-Genie management team has decades of experience in working with large corporations & premium residential complexes. In addition, a suite of interactive tools, including wide range of services targeted to working professionals. We strive to put fans first. Every day we're listening to your feedback and working to improve your experience before, during, and after events. We constantly endeavor to provide the highest level of service through our delivery network and also add value to our offering through our strategic partners. Dial-a-Genie is your support system armed with plenty of "helping Genie".

We are specialized in 2 Business models currently:

Corporate Model

We provide our services to corporations and their employees with onsite representative with the help of Back office team (our executives work out of our clients offices)

Residential Model

We provide our services at residential facilities through an onsite representative. The residential facility procures our services and we provide all the residents with the full range of concierge services.

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