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Concierge Services


Acceptance of all recurring bill payments which always been a hassle for all of us. Our strong backend team is geared up to pay your bill at the desired counters and get you the authenticated acknowledgment of the same.
Benefits -
  • You make the payment by cash/ cheque
  • Fast and Reliable Transaction Process
  • Smarter Reporting Solutions
  • Authenticate acknowledgements
List of Payment Services provided by us are following:
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Telephone
  • Credit Card Chq Drop
  • Club Bills
  • School Fees
  • Membership Fees
  • House Tax
  • Mobile Bill Drop
  • Mobile Bill Cash Payment
  • Misc Insurance
  • Insurance Premium
  • Telephone Application
  • Telephone App Submission

Travel Services

Through our extensive range of travel partners around the world that are part of our growing company, we focus on providing flexible and customizable travel management solutions no matter where your business takes you, and rely on quality regional service delivery to give you the best travel experience possible. We are well-equipped to help you get the most from your travel programme.
Benefits -
  • Save Time & money
  • Best deal after consulting with multiple Travel partners
  • End to End comfort without any co-ordination even during peak seasons.
List of Travel Services provided by us are following:
  • Airline Ticket (Subject to availability and mode of payment)
  • Railway Ticket (Subject to availability)
  • Railway Pass renewal
  • Inter City Buses
  • Forex

Entertainment Services

Our Genie�s help you source tickets to premium concerts, sports, arts, theater, Broadway shows, family events, special events at most competitive prices on the marketplace. Whether you are looking for the best prices, or premium inventory, our specialists are available to assist with last-minute, sold out and hard to find tickets for any premium event around the world.
Benefits -
  • We arrange 100% official tickets. Our tickets come straight from the artists, teams, and venues or through authorized channels
  • We let you know exactly where you're buying tickets. You'll always be informed if we send you to a partner site for more ticket buying options.
  • We're here for you when you need us. Contact us anytime with questions or problems, our support team is here to ensure you have an incredible experience.
List of Entertainment Services provided by us are following:
  • Movies, Plays, Circus
  • Theatres
  • Music Concerts
  • Major Events

Relocation Services

Are you looking to expand in to new territories, Dial-a- Genie can help you with the relocation services to support your relocating requirement. Depending on your requirements, Dial-a- Genie relocation services can cover as much or as little of the relocation process as you need. Our partners provide highly personalised relocation services, managing every aspect of the relocation. Be rest assured your relocation services are being handled by experienced relocation professionals with specialist relocation skills every step of the way.
Benefits -
  • Services built around your needs
  • Full range of relocation services
  • Consultative approach
List of Relocation Services provided by us are following:
  • Real Estate brokers
  • Movers and Packers
  • Computer & Electronic Maintenance
  • Newspaper and Magazine Vendors
  • Utilities (Gas, Electricity
    and Telephone Related)
  • Car / White good Dealerships
  • Nursery/ School/ College Information
  • Medical/ Hospital Information
  • Club/ Library/ Interest Group Memberships
  • Facilities Management
  • House Hunting
  • Service Apartments
  • Information about Mumbai
  • Lost luggage assistance
  • Caring for pets and plants
  • Supervising cleaning; Rep & Maint.
  • Shoe repair & Polishing
  • Vehicle servicing and cleaning
  • Expat Services
  • Foreign Language Translation
  • Foreign Language interpretation
  • Foreign Language Coaching

Gifting & Shopping Services

Assistance in any kind of RTO work. Car registration, transferring ownership, bank hypothecation formalities, International driving licence etc. Basically, our Certified RTO consultant he will help in getting your work done.Shopping service that allows customers to purchase gifts and necessities of life at little inconvenience to their schedule and workday. We will do this with the aid of a shopping consultant to provide each customer with quality solutions to their shopping concerns at reasonable prices. We want our customers to be able to give special gifts to their loved ones without it being a stressful event.
Benefits -
  • knowledgeable sales team offering purchases of goods based on desires and needs.
  • For a low charge, allow people to obtain custom items with minimal interruption into their day and life.
List of Gifting & Shopping Services provided by us are following:
  • Groceries
  • Fruits
  • Gifts
  • Pharmaceuticals

Party Planning

Our well trained & experienced team helps you plan your events, birthday parties or theme parties for birthday, wedding anniversary, kitty party, house warming, theme party, kids birthday parties, get togethers. We endeavour to build a one stop shopping destination when it comes to party supplies. We try and give customers a single place for all their party needs at low prices, reliable delivery.
Benefits -
  • Complete Party Planning
  • Party Catering
  • Party Favours& Decorations
  • Venue Selection
  • Entertainment
  • Event Coordinators,Waitstaff,Usherers
  • Wedding Planning & Coordination
  • Decorations
  • Corporate Events
  • Conferences
List of Party Planning provided by us are following:
  • Groceries
  • Fruits
  • Gifts
  • Pharmaceuticals

Post Services

Post office is a customer service facility forming part of a national postal system. Post offices offer mail-related services such as acceptance of letters and parcels; provision of post office boxes; and sale of postage stamps, packaging, and stationery. In addition, many post offices offer additional services: providing and accepting government forms & banking services (such as savings accounts and money orders). Dial-a-Genie offers you all postal services at your doorstep
Benefits -
  • Quick pick up and dispatch
  • Help in tracking the consignment with available sources.
List of Post Services provided by us are following:
  • Stamps
  • Speed post/Regd post
  • Parcel/Airmail
  • Document Delivery

Banking Services

Our Banking Services offers you to have hassle free transaction without waiting in long queues for hours.
Benefits -
  • Save you time & money
  • Faster execution of your request.
  • Prompt service.
List of Banking Services provided by us are following:
  • Cheque Depositing
  • Cheque book making requests
  • D.D. making &/or cancellations
  • Passbook Update
  • Franking
  • Mutual Fund payment requests
  • Fixed deposit making &/or cancellations

Income Tax Related

This is the most essential service for every working professionals. Being self-employed or having ones own business. Everyone has to be associated with this department for their various chores like Pan card, IT transactions, Tax Payment etc.
Dial-a- Genie eases you of such painful services at a click
Benefits -
  • We have certified officials to execute your task.
  • Consultants with hands-on experiences
  • Have Hassle free transaction.
  • Smother and faster solutions.
List of Income Tax Related provided by us are following:
  • Pan Form
  • Pan form Submission & Pancard Delivery
  • IT Return form Submission
  • It Filling Return Filing

Courier Services

Now you can transfer your documents, consignments etc. through our strategic courier partner and be rest assured it is in safe hands. We only serve our patterns though authorized courier agency.
Dial-a- Genie eases you of such painful services at a click
Benefits -
  • Timely Pick-up & dispatch
  • Multiple choices of courier agencies.
  • Online tracking
List of Courier Services provided by us are following:
  • Local
  • Domestic
  • Domestic
  • International

Home front

Today�s busy life leaves us with limited time to complete our routine activities like house cleaning, search for pest control, home appliances repair etc. But they realize it has to be done. Some people hire personal assistance for home cleaning services; the rest do it themselves. Dial-a-Genie will help you with all your fundamental & derivative needs at your door step. Help maintain work life balance for working professionals and home makers.
Benefits -
  • Save your valuable time
  • Spend your valuable time with family and friends
  • Cost Effective
List of Home front provided by us are following:
  • Home Appliances Repair
  • Home Cleaning
  • Pest Control
  • Gas Geyser

Miscellaneous Services

Our Team is also geared up to take care of your petty but important chores like pick up & Delivery Services, Key Duplication, School fees payment, utility connections, tailoring requests, Mobile recharge etc
Benefits -
  • Save time & Money
  • Get the best deal at one shot Preferred Choice of vendor
List of Miscellaneous Services provided by us are following:
  • Floral / Gift / Cake Delivery Services
  • Utility Connections/ information
  • School and College Related (forms etc.)
  • PAN card application submission
  • Taxation related (forms etc.)
  • Key Duplication
  • Traffic Offence's Challan Payment
  • Tailoring requests
  • Laundry & Dry Cleaning
  • Camera Rolls/ Film Development
  • Prepaid Mobile Refill Cards
  • Classified Ad Submissions
  • Passport Related (Forms etc.)
  • Others

BMC Jobs (Government related Jobs)

Government keeps on changing the regulations & procedures which impacts on government related task like Birth Certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate etc. Getting such documentations done is the most painful task. Dial-a-Genie can liaison on your behalf in getting such documentations with legal and authenticated way.
Benefits -
  • We do only legal, moral & ethical task
  • Save your time
List of BMC Jobs (Government related Jobs) provided by us are following:
  • Birth Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Marriage Registration ( if marriage held in mumbai )
  • Marriage Registration (if marriage held out of station )

Ration card

A Ration Card is very useful document for Indian citizens. It has also become an important tool of identification when applying for other documents like Domicile Certificate, for inclusion of your name in the Electoral Rolls, etc. Dial-a-Genie can help you in getting your all kind of ration card work.
Benefits -
  • We do only legal, moral & ethical task
  • Save your time
List of Ration Card provided by us are following:
  • Change of Address in Ration Card
  • Sale Deeds

RTO Services

Assistance in any kind of RTO work. Car registration, transferring ownership, bank hypothecation formalities, International driving licence etc. Basically, our Certified RTO consultant he will help in getting your work done.
Benefits -
  • We have Senior RTO agent with many years of experience
  • Quick, fast and gets the job done
  • Save your time
List of RTO Services provided by us are following:
  • Forms
  • Learners License
  • Drivers License 2 wheelers
  • Drivers License 4 wheelers
  • Renewal of DL
  • Change of Address in DL
  • NOC 2 Wheeler
  • NOC 4 Wheeler
  • Change of Address in RC
  • 2 Wheeler
  • 4 Wheeler
  • Change of Ownership
  • 2 Wheeler
  • 4 Wheeler
  • Dehypothecation
  • HP Entry
  • International Driving Permit
  • Duplicate RC Book
  • Duplicate DL

Passport Papers

We provide passport assistance of Mumbai passport office and Thane passport office. We take your online appointment, guide for proper document submission.
Benefits -
  • Save your time
  • Hassle free life
List of Passport papers provided by us are following:
  • Forms
  • Fresh Application
  • Minor Application
  • ECNR
  • Change of Name
  • Change of Address
  • Change of Photograph
  • Maiden Name to Married Name
  • Renwal of Passport
  • Additional Booklet
  • Visa Assistance

Referral Services

Some set of services need an expertise to deliver. We refer few known and established entities to perform you task. We purely do referrals and have no other role to play in such services.
Benefits -
  • Get referral of experts
  • Save your time n money in searching for new one
  • Hassle free life.
List of Referral Services provided by us are following:
  • Legal Services
  • Veterinary Services
  • Medical Services
  • Car Hire and Repair / Maintenance
  • Financial Planning
  • Taxation
  • Equipment Renting
  • Pick up and Delivery of cakes
  • Pick up and Delivery of Gifts
  • Pick up and Delivery of Flowers
  • Pick up and Delivery of decoration
  • Health and fitness
  • Hobbies & Craft
  • Information Service

Leisure Holiday

Leisure Holidays & Travels make your dreams of an ideal holiday a reality that lasts a lifetime. Where you can take a dip in the shimmering blue waters of the Arabian Sea, dry out in the sun-kissed beaches. We also arrange the very best of Hotels, Home stays and Resort accommodations. (Tree Houses, Cave Rooms, Traditional Cottages, and House Boats etc) Holiday cruises, Ayurvedic Rejuvenation & Therapy, Domestic & International Air Booking and Surface transport.
Benefits -
List of Payment Services provided by us are following:
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Outstation Holidays
  • International Holidays