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Financial Concierge Services

Our work life does keep us on the back foot on personal fronts especially – Money Matters.
We therefore now bring to you a euphoria of Financial Services for the employees at your door step.

We can arrange referrals with respected professionals known to the firm.
We can either integrate into, or help you build the trusted network needed to maximise your financial outcomes where necessary, and upon request we can arrange external services or consultations to cover additional services:

  • Estate Planning
  • Income Tax advice and planning
  • Superannuation advice / Retirement Planning
  • The creation of special purpose vehicles
  • Budgeting and cash management for reducing liabilities.

Being bespoke managers, we are happy to discuss and help seek solutions for you and your family for all financial matters.

What does this section do….

  • Keeps your investment records in a software which will remind you on aspects like renewals, maturity and other benefits of your investments.
  • No need to hop around for payments of insurance premiums – we will take care of all your renewals of insurances policies – Life, Mediclaim, Car, Household etc….
  • Income Tax Planning and Return Filing – we will help in tax planning which will focus on reducing tax liability and thereafter we will also file Income Tax Returns also – that too at a very nominal cost
  • Investment Planning – To choose the right product for covering financial milestones
  • Financial Planning – a turn-key process involving detailed outlook of one’s financial matters, aligning the investment to complete the 4Cs – Creation of Income, Consumption of Income, Continuation of Income & Conservation of Income – thereby having complete Financial Freedom.